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Dave Schibel
United States
Thank you for taking the time to view my Deviant Art page. I hope you enjoyed the images I have posted here. I enjoy using my photography to show you all how I view the world around me. What you see here is just a small peek through my eyes.

I have always wanted to share my view of the world with others. Photography was a media I quickly found to be a wonderful channel to do just that. My work has been used for album covers, show posters, advertising, websites and tee-shirts.

I am a freelance photographer with more than 20 years behind the lens. I enjoy working closely with my models and the artists who create the music, tattoos or piercings that truly make the images. I love to capture their work with in my own. Capturing not only the individual personalities, but bringing the images and art to life!

My beautiful wife Jennifer and our three amazing children inspire me on a daily basis. I must give mass credit and kudos to my wife. With out her inspiration, her appreciation of my photography and her just as skewed view of the world around us; I would have missed some of my greatest shots.

Please feel free to visit my websites...

Current Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Personal Quote: I don't know any of their names, You line them up, I'll shoot 'em!
It's been a hard day....

Sitting down at my liquor cabinet, I pour myself a drink. I drink it rather fast, but hey, it's been a hard day.

After a few minutes of cogitation, I realize that my first drink is sitting down in my gut, getting lonely. I pour myself another and quickly send it down to keep number one company.

I think....well, what if number one and two don't get along? I should probably send down another, just to be a mediator, you know, in case number one and number two get into a hostile altercation.

My stomach seems to be getting a bit restless, I wonder what happened to number three. He must not have made it yet to help out with the one and two quarrel. I better send down another to check on the progress of number three.

It really has been a hard day....

I still have not heard from drink number three or four, and the skirmish between one and two is getting out of hand. I pour two more drinks. It is time to send a team to get one and two to calm down.

While they are quashing the ruckus, I think sending another team to recon with three and four is definitely a wise strategy.

Hmmm, seems as though five and six did their jobs as bouncers, that tingling sensation means that one and two are about to get bounced from club me and into the porcelain conglomerate. I barely made it in time, as I stumbled into the bathroom.


It has seriously been a hard day....

With the problems between one and two out of the way, five and six have nothing to do. No word yet from three and four, or seven and eight. Time to send a messenger down to let five and six know that they should start planning a rescue mission.

After a momentary epiphamy, I realize that three recruits is in no way close to a proper search and rescue team. I am sending down drink number ten, and eleven, to offer their assistance and then number twelve to supervise the whole operation.

Just as I was interviewing number thirteen for the media aspect, the front door opened. My beautiful bride of sixteen years. I smiled and blew a kiss to the both of them.

No sooner had I figured out which wife was mine and which was not even there, I came to a greater awareness, an understanding you see.  Suddenly, it was time to quickly downsize the current staff, which I had recently employed for reasons that are currently beyond me. I sent down drink number thirteen as the bearer of bad news.

I guess there must have been some sort of uprising, a coup you could say. The now ex-employees were mad, they wanted to let me know, and they were coming out with a vengeance.

The cool porcelain of the toilet bowl sure beats the linoleum any day.

It truly has been a hard day.
  • Mood: Neutral

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Hey! I've featured some of your work in this feature article on Temporary piercings! If you think the feature was okay, and you can give it some love, please do, and maybe we'll get to show and teach more people about Temporary Piercing! Thanks :D
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Your paintings are wicked! Whicih photograph were you thinking of painting?
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